How often do you update the novels ?

We generally update the novel’s every time we get a request for it. So if you want for example Very Pure and Ambiguous The Prequel to get updated. You can easily request it with the form that’s on every novel page. As for a full Novel list update, we plan to do it every year.

Where do I find the Novel Chapter Status ?

As you probably noticed, we don’t put a current chapter description with the novel post.
One of the reasons why we do that is because it’s way faster and easier to update the folders and users will be able to download it immediately.

So does that mean I have to follow the posts links everytime i want to know a novel status ?

We know that it would be a waste of time to do that everytime you want to check and see if your favorite novel got updated that’s why we made a Page called STATUS where you will be able to find every novel that we have made epubs of, followed by the chapter number that is currently stored on mega cloud server.
We will update this list every week meaning that the list will not differ much from the actual chapters for the novel you want to download.

Your site takes way to much time to load, how do I fix that?

One of the reasons our site takes so much to load its because every post has an image attached so that makes the client download more data from our server causing the site to load slower than the average sites. Another reason is that we run the site on a very cheap server and use a free CDN and we can’t make full use of the site optimization.

Since we can’t switch to a new server currently i added an ARCHIVE Page.
There you will find all our post sorted in rows with Novel Names that are linked to the actual post. That way we remove the need to load the images and the page loads faster for everyone. You can also use browser native search function to search your favorite novel there.

I want one novel you posted on your site to be taken down under DMCA law

If you’re the author of the novel or the Translator please read our DMCA policy and send us an email with your claim.

I send a suggestion for a novel that I would like to see on the site but it's been a week and I have yet to receive any reply or see the post on the site

First thank you for suggesting us to make an epub for it and we take the suggestions seriously. One of the reasons that we have yet to make an epub about the novel you suggested may be that it is a licensed novel and we don’t encourage illegal sharing of copyrighted novels. The other reason can be that the translator has asked for the novel to not get made in an epub and while he holds a right from the author to translate his novel we can’t make an epub because that would be an infringement of his copyright.