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Average: 2.8

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Light Novel

• Translator :

Ridwan Translation

• Author :

Ukai Saki

• Names Associated :

Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou


“I’ll absolutely save you. Hence I will–!!” Aikawa Kanami awakes in a corridor he has no recollection of, the wound he received from a goblin is cured by a pretty girl called Lastiara, and he learns that he’s in a different world that’s exceedingly similar to a game. Kanami makes into his weapon the hearty welcomed status and skills, and with a pretty girl Dia plunges forward towards the deepest part of the labyrinth that’s rumored to “grant any wish”–. This is a story of a boy who exposes the deepest part (truth) of the labyrinth and fulfills a wish.

The MC is OP, yet not faultless. Both he and his accomplice have nearly kicked the bucket once keeping in mind despite everything we see him display some regular Japanese powerless willed MC attributes, he is still savvy enough to separate from waste characters while looking for allies that will help him move to the top. He likewise does not bashful far from battles or continually cry and whimper because of the steadfast “Disarray” detail, which can be contrasted with the ‘Gamer’s Mind’ detail in “The Gamer” webcomic.

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