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Light Novel

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Yokotsuka Tsukasa

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One day, in a certain private school with dormitories, the whole school was transported into another world. I, Kaya Kazuhisa, from the 1st Grade of the High School Section, had been bullied for long periods of time. To kill the culprit who had bullied me, I dug a trap, but unexpectedly I killed a monster. From that moment, I evolved into a rare existence that can go against the monsters.

At the same day, I saved a girl from Middle School Section 3rd Grade, Shimozono Arisu in the forest from an Orc. When I was working with Arisu to defeat the Orcs, and gradually leveled up, I was forced to make a choice: Should I choose the Summon Magic which is suitable for surviving alone• Or should I choose Support Magic which is used when battling together with others?

Well, our main character has several issues with trust because when he saved a bullied guy from the bullies and became the new target, the saved guy betrayed him and within the time even started to bully him too.
By killing the monster, he leveled up and can choose skills to allocate the points.
He can’t leave it and decide what to do later, every time he level up, time stops and he can choose the skill to allocate the points.
He finds out that he can only level up one of his two skills on getting a new one.
As he doesn’t want to be a jack of all trades, but master of none, he decides to level up one

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