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クロニクル・レギオン The Road of Conquest


Set at the end of the 20th Century. Due to the Japanese Empire, an island country in the far east having been conquered Caesar, a resurrected hero from Ancient Rome, it is now being controlled by the neighboring county Eastern Roman Empire! The power that made Caesar the most powerful conquered was called Legion. That is, a mysterious army made up of gathering all the great powers; a giant winged army. The Japanese empire’s imperial princess, Fujinomiya Shiori, hides her ambition in becoming the supreme ruler and starts to act. Who she chooses as her trusted commander is, at first glance, a mediocre high school student Tachibana Masatsugu. However, he too is someone who was reincarnated from a past warrior; a resurrected hero whose greatness rivals even Caesar’s: Legatus Legionis!

This novel is supported by historical facts. ancient heroes and generals.
Mc is passive and straight forward in his feelings
We have so far 3 heroins one of them is a tsundere which is cute,one is a bashful one and the last is a dignified woman .
Also MC is bias when it comes to love whether it’s men or women he will consider their fillings. Like a badass eh.
Mc is powerful and is slowly unlocking his past which is surprising since we never saw his name being that famous to the point of the world knows his name.
We also have badass of an enemy like lion heart and Edward the black prince, there’s also the founder of the empire of rome.

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