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Not wanting to remain a NEET, 30 years old Arata decided to join a private military and security company. While having fun during the training and getting good scores, soon he has to face a real war.

A NEET surprisingly found his forte as military strategist. After some shocking turn of events, we find out that he is still lacking in interpersonal relationship, but many people chose to gather around him regardless of it.

Marginal Operation is a great light novel, despite riddled with inaccuracies at some points.
It has a well planned story with a good foundation.Main characters and side ones have personalities which doesn’t look artificial.Character progression is also decent and the protagonist is not your typical light novel weakling.

The theme, plot, and characterization are unusual. The story development is also unexpected.
If you are looking for a Japanese LN that’s out of the usual trope, I’d recommend this one.

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Volume 1-2